ORHMA Membership

ORHMA Membership

The Ontario Restaurant Hotel and Motel Association (ORHMA) is passionate and dedicated to supporting the best interests of Ontario's hospitality industry. ORHMA is actively advocating on behalf of the hospitality industry against tough resistance and recent government policies which have not been kind to business operators.

With an increased level of government regulations in recent times, there is an absolute necessity for the success and survival of hospitality businesses. Your support through membership is crucial as we enter a period of change with a number of critical policy decisions to be made by the new provincial government to sustain our industry.

What are the benefits of being an ORHMA member?

  • Greater support in numbers to advocate against or for government policies and fairness for the hospitality industry
  • Greater leverage and higher discounts for cost saving programs on the services you require for day to day operations
  • Immediate access to any news on policy developments that directly impact your business
  • Compliance tools and assistance in understanding the multiple policies and government legislation impacting your business
  • Cost saving benefits and discount programs on operational services to keep money at your bottom line
  • Weekly newsletters, membership alerts, informative emails with timely resources that help our members stay on top of recent policy developments

An abundance of work is ahead and ORHMA has and will continue to play an imperative role in charting a course of action that is beneficial to all hospitality businesses.

Link to benefits: http://www.orhma.com/MembershipServices/CostSavingPrograms.aspx
Link to GR Updates: http://files.constantcontact.com/960a2ad1701/a679b88e-0acf-472d-8447-86c1aff01167.pdf
Join ORHMA: https://www.orhma.com/MembershipServices/JoinMembership.aspx